Ad Hoc Hourly Rate:

Admin support, PA Support on an ad hoc basis.  I am really flexible so I am happy for you to book me as and when you have extra work requirements  | £25 per hour 

Retainer Rate:

Retain my time in advance and you and me both are sure to have hours kept for you | £25 per hour

(un-used time cannot be carried over to the following month)


Newsletter Marketing/ MailChimp, 

Social Media Support

Inbox/Diary Management

Events/Venue Sourcing

Proof Reading

Fees are subject to a minimum charge of one hour.  My hourly rate is rounded up by 15 minutes.  Any additional costs for printing, telephone and incidentals are agreed in advance and will be charged at cost.  

I track my time with time-tracking software and you will be sent a detailed report upon invoice (apart from Social Media Support and Project work).


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