The Story Behind RSLVA

So what made me decide to become a Virtual Assistant?  And how can I help you in your business?  

By Rosemarie St. Louis

I first heard the term Virtual Assistant after I had trained as a Life Coach.  I did all this training and was holding down a full time job as a PA in the City and I was also a yoga teacher.  I had all these skills I wanted to use to build as a coach however, I was drowning in Admin!  Updating my wordpress website, trying to make it look pretty, setting up and growing an email list, social media posting.  It was overwhelming!  And guess what?  I hired a VA to help me get the work done!

It made sense; if you’re too busy doing stuff that doesn’t make you money but still needs to be done.  Why not hire someone else to do that part for you?

 I worked with Rosemarie recently as I needed help sourcing a suitable event for one of my workshops. Rosemarie got on the case straight away and very quickly found me several venues to choose from. However, the venue I initially choose then became unavailable due to refurb work so we had to go back to the drawing board, but Rosemarie handled this all of this for me, and liaised with venue provider on all the details that needed sorting out. 


I would highly recommend working with Rosemarie as she kept me well informed of the project, was super efficient in her service, and saved me several hours of work, allowing me to carry on with other projects and maximise my time. As a small business owner, we all need a Rosemarie in our pocket!

Even though I have been a PA for almost 30 years (mostly within Investment Banking, I hadn’t initially thought that being a VA was the right thing for me.  But then I had a light bulb moment.  Why not?




I was no longer coaching although, I was working full time as a Yoga Teacher (something I have done for over 20 years and love); and I decided that working more steadily from my home office as a VA was a great balance.  Afterall, I am using existing skills as a PA for something that I have trained in and have done for many years.  I’m utilising my organisational skills and I’m helping people remotely!  What’s not to like?  

I love to help organise business & life coaches, small business owners and start-ups  who are drowning in paperwork, stuck doing due-diligence, scheduling meetings, typing up a PowerPoint presentation or filling data.  

Instead, you could hire me to do that for you!

I enjoy being a VA so much that I have now turned it into my full time role.

The name RSL VA?  It stands for Rosemarie St. Louis Virtual Assistant.


I am a London based VA, I am a freelancer and I work from my home office.  If you would like to discuss ways that I can help you with your business.  Please contact me here.